Diet & Exercise delay onset of type 2 diabetes 1

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US experts suggest that diet and exercise may keep type 2 diabetes at bay for at least 3 years.

The “Diabetes Prevention Program” study, carried out on 3234 overweight, glucose-tolerance impaired 25-85 year olds, showed that lifestyle intervention reduced the risk of developing diabetes.  The participants also lost 5-7% bodyweight while following the program that included a low-fat diet and exercise.

Source: The Lancet

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One thought on “Diet & Exercise delay onset of type 2 diabetes

  • swaroop

    dear sir
    I would like to say some thing about me
    My age 44 years
    weight 84 kg
    I had BP
    in urine traces are found
    after one and half hour meal i got tested my sugar it is 150
    2nd time i tested same time after one and half hour it is 153
    at 8 Pm it was 130
    what is your coments to this sir
    20 days back i got my sugar checked it was very normal in fasting and random.
    i will be happy if you could suggest me regarding this matter. as far as simptom are consider to be normal.


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