Diabetic Cake Mix Recipes

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Diabetics have to live on a special “diabetic diet” low in simple sugars, so everyday pleasures like eating a slice of cake are usually a no-no.

After looking around on the internet, I have found some suggestions for diabetic cake recipes, so have listed some ideas below:

  • Make sure the cake recipes do not include fruit juice.
  • Cake recipes should not have sugar added.  Replace the sugar with a sugar substitute like Splenda.
  • Limit yourself to a small serving.
  • try to adapt traditional cake recipes.  You know what you are allowed to eat, and with sugar substitutes, you can experiment and come up with your own diabetic cake mix recipes.  If you have trouble, i have listed some sites below that offer recipes for diabetics.

Here are some websites offering diabetic cake mix recipes

Spark People – check out this list of search results for diabetic cakes.  I haven’t been through them all, so make sure that they are really cakes suitable for diabetics.  I particularly like the look of the Guiltless Kiwi-Strawberry Cake which is fat free and sugar free.

Healthy Diabetic Recipes – this site has a list of recipes, but do check them for sugar.  I suggest you scroll down to the ones that start off with “Diabetic…” as some of the others I checked did have sugar.

Big Oven – Have a few recipes including this diabetic fruit cake, and diabetic carrot cake.

Cooks.com also have a range of diabetic cake recipes, including this diabetic cake, diabetic rhubarb cake, Apple cake, and how about this – chocolate zucchini cake.

Do you have any diabetic cake recipes?

If you have any recipes, or know of any websites that offer good diabetic recipes, please lets us know by leaving a comment below.  Just scroll to the bottom of this page to leave a comment.  You can include full recipes, or links to recipes you like.

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