What is a sugar spike when you have diabetes 2

We all get sugar spikes after eating foods, but in diabetics, it can be very dangerous.

When you eat food, the carbohydrates are digested into simple sugars and absorbed into your blood through your intestinal walls.  This leads to an increase in blood sugar levels seen as a sugar spike when you test your blood sugar levels with a glucometer. 

In normal healthy people, blood sugar levels are kept within narrow limits by the antagonistic effects of insulin and glucagon.  When glucose levels rise, insulin is released which will work to lower the blood glucose levels back down to the normal range.  You can read more about the mechanisms involved in this in my article “How the body regulates blood sugar levels”.

In diabetics, these spikes are more serious since the endocrine system (hormonal system) of the body dealing with glucose regulation is faulty and blood sugar levels remain high, leading to a state of hyperglycemia.  When the blood contains elevated levels of sugars, it draws water out of the cells of the body by osmosis, causing an increase in blood volume, increased urine production and dehydration.  Left untreated, high sugar levels can be extremely dangerous. 

Obviously sugar spikes in diabetics is a very dangerous state to be in.  Diabetics should consider the foods they eat very carefully, and will probably be put on a specific “diabetic diet” by their own doctor.  It is important to get into the habit of looking at the glycemic index of the foods you eat, and arranging meals around this metric.

With careful diet and exercise control, sugar spikes can be managed, though diabetics will of course require their usual diabetes treatments.

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  • Jen Drahusz

    I understand blood sugar levels fluctuate even in normal healthy people, however I’m having a difficult time finding any info on actual numbers. For intance my fasting sugar was 5.9 thismorning and I checked around 2 hours after eating and was 8.9.

  • Jim

    My Mother is a 90 year old diabetic. Yesterday her blood sugar level rose more than 300 points. She claims she ate nothing more than what her assisted living place gave her to eat. Besides food, is there something else that could cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate? Today her blood sugar level is 137. Please get back to me ASAP.

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