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When people search for a diabetes diet, they are often looking for a quick fix to cure their diabetes.  In fact, the “Diabetes Diet” that a doctor would talk about is not a cure for diabetes, but more a way of helping to control the condition.  To medical science, diabetes is an incurable disease.  I find it interesting after researching this topic that a growing number of health experts are going against the grain, and stating categorically that diabetes is curable.  One such expert has written a book called “How to Reverse Diabetes Now!”.

Reverse Diabetes Now is an eBook (which you can download immediately and read on your computer, or print off at your leisure) written by an internationally acclaimed Health Coach called Matt Traverso.

Matt Traverso’s mission in life is to transform as many lives as possible
with a system that he claims has helped thousands of diabetics in more than 24 different countries around the world.  Not only does he claim his system has cured diabetes, but also heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and countless other “chronic” conditions.

The theory that Matt starts off with is one that makes a lot of sense.  As human beings, we have a choice to be healthy, or to be ill.  We make the choice every time we put something into our mouths.  We make the choice every time we decide whether to smoke, to drink, in fact do anything that can affect the balance in our bodies.  Is it a coincidence that as fast food and unhealthy lifestyles are on the increase, we are on the verge of an illness epidemic?

Matt argues that many of the illnesses that we suffer from, do so because of the choices we make.  If you feed your body the wrong types of fuel, you cannot expect it to run smoothly.  Think of a car analogy.  How long would your car run trouble free if you fed it the wrong fuel?  The analogy may not be as far fetched as you might think.  The body is nothing more than an organic machine requiring certain components for it to run smoothly.

Could illness really be a result of our bodies being out of balance?

Matt says in his book that on average, there are over 300 synthetic industrial chemicals present in our bodies that did not exist 50 years ago.  I cannot verify that information, but it does make you think, doesn't it?

If you are suffering from Diabetes, Matt gives you a choice.  Continue taking the medication that suppresses the symptoms of the disease, or address the causes of the disease to fix the problem.

Now you might be thinking that if there was a cure for diabetes, or any of the other diseases that Matt talks about, why haven't the doctors embraced these methods?  Well, as with many conspiracy theories, money is the answer.  How many pharmaceutical companies would survive if disease was reduced or eliminated?  Matt makes a good case and states that “The COMBINED PROFITS for the TEN most profitable drug companies in the Fortune 500 ($35.9 billion) are MORE than the profits for all the other 490 companies put together ($33.7 billion)!!”

This book is littered with links to documents you must read, and videos that you need to watch.  I think this book really is something that drug companies and governments would like to cover up.  Anyway, enough of the conspiracy, what does this book offer by way of a solution?

Matt states that there are no “magic bullets” for getting well.  Good health is the result of obeying “simple natural laws”.

From page 37 onwards, Matt describe “The New Biology”.  In other words, what your body needs to be healthy.

Not only does Matt tell you what your body needs, he also spells out exactly what your body should avoid.  The program is all about finding the right balance of nutrition, but also goes into the power of the mind, the emotions and their impact on our health.

Up to page 84, this book addresses disease in general, and provides a possible answer to good health.  From page 84 onwards, the book is devoted to the Diabetes Epidemic, and something that Matt believes in very strongly – diabetes is curable.

Matt quotes a number of doctors and medical sources in the book that agree with the idea of diabetes being a curable condition.  One doctor in particular states:

“Reversing hyperglycemia, hypoglycaemia and Type 1 and 2 diabetes is as straight forward as maintaining a pH balance in your body”.

The same doctor conducted a six month study on Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes and found that every subject who completed the program were able to “decrease or discontinue their medications”.

In “How to Reverse Diabetes Now”, Matt describes a 10 step cure for diabetes, all based on the ideas of nutritional balance and pH.  The food charts contained in the book will help you with this diabetes diet, ensuring you always know what foods are good for you.

This book provides compelling evidence that many diseases we suffer from are in fact an imbalance in our bodies.  The program itself is easy enough to follow, and I highly recommend everyone who suffers from diabetes (or any other chronic illness) should read this book.


Read more on the author's site about Reverse Diabetes Now!

Matt Traverso (the author of this book) been teaching these principles for more than a decade in four different continents and regularly teaches managers and doctors in health clinics and at conferences.

DISCLAIMER: You must consult your doctor before going on this, or any other program.  In addition, I have tried to provide an unbiased review on this book.  I have not tried the diet, and cannot vouch for it's effectiveness.

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5 thoughts on “A Diabetes Diet that can Reverse Diabetes?

  • M Thomson

    This is really unhelpful – does this book advocate low carb or vegan?
    Surely this is the most important part of the book!
    There seems to be no inbetween and both diets are implicated in ‘reversing’ Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance.
    It makes me so angry that there seems to be this kind of information out there. It is totally confusing and surely if we can put a bloody probe on Mars, we can make it clear to people which diet is best for them to treat their Insulin Resistance or Type 2 Diabetes. Honestly!

  • Andy Post author

    M Thomson
    I am sorry you didn’t like my review. I could of course tell you everything that is in the book, but then that would be totally unfair on its author. He has put this information together and is selling it, and I therefore have to be very careful about how much I give away. If you want to find out, buy the book. He has a full money-back guarantee if you are not happy with it.

  • Bud

    I agree w /M. Thompson….
    It’s amazing how many books that are out there touting Cures for Diabetes.
    I know we live in a Capitalist society but Honestly….making money on peoples
    Diseases…..its a sad testament to Mankind. I am not just talking about Diabetes either….any disease out there…go on the Internet and there are plenty of sharks hawking books or pills to “cure” them All!

    • Andy Post author

      You know, its a shame that people dismiss “cures” out of hand without any real knowledge on the subject. I cannot vouch for reversing full blown diabetes, but I was pre-diabetic, and with diet and exercise I have reversed that (the same diet and exercise has also lowered my blood pressure from 140/100 down to around 110/70, and I had been 140/100 for most of my adult life!!). I have also heard of a lot of other people who have come off diabetes medication when switching to a healthier diet. Since our diet is so important in the correct functioning of our bodies, it is only common sense that it can have an effect on diabetes. The fact that people who eat the wrong types of diets are at more risk of diabetes shows that nutrition is important. If you know for a fact that diet cannot reverse diabetes, please share the facts with us.

  • Marc

    I’m with Andy on this. No one has a problem with a book like this if they saw it in a book store. But if it’s on the internet, it just has to be pure snake oil.

    Everything in the end is a business. If people didn’t make money off of peoples diseases, there would be no motivation to create medicines or develop medical technology. Capitalism pulled us out of the dark ages.

    Who makes money off of peoples diseases?
    Answer: doctors, pharmacists, scientists, researchers. We don’t have a problem with these people because they get paid a salary, they aren’t hawking their services or drugs directly to the public. However, their employers are companies that do market their services and products directly to the public.

    If you can get a refund for the book, then there’s no risk to you.

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