Diabetes: Conditions & Disease

Several different types of diabetes requiring different diabetic treatments

When you hear the word diabetes, most people will immediately think of insulin injections.  However, there are different types of diabetes, some which require insulin and some that don’t.  There are also a number of different terms used to describe these various forms.  Phrases such as:

  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes
  • non-insulin dependent diabetes
  • gestational diabetes
  • pre-diabetes
  • diabetes insipidus
  • diabetes mellitus

Is there any wonder people get confused?

Some diabetics can control their disease with diet and exercise, while others can take oral treatments.

This website explores the various types of diabetes, the research that is going on in this field, and some of the treatments available to those who suffer from the various forms of the disease.  Let me state from the start, I am not a medical doctor.  I am scientifically trained, and have a big interest in all medical topics, so this site is my own personal voyage of discovery in the world of Diabetes and all of its forms.

About Andy

Andy writes for a number of health related sites but has always been fascinated by alternative medicine and home remedies. His deep interests in nature and the body's innate ability to heal itself (given the right condition) have lead him to a pivotal time in his life - and so, Holistic Home Fitness was born. While it's relatively new at the moment, Andy wants to build this site into a huge reference site for a more holistic approach to health and fitness.