High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Unfortunately, there are often no symptoms of high blood pressure – which is why it is often called the “silent killer”.

You will often find out you suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension) on a routine visit to the doctor, or when going to see the doctor about another complaint (which may be as a direct result of your high blood pressure).

It is possible that you might suffer from headaches, nausea, dizziness or blurred vision, but many people will not even experience these symptoms.

High blood pressure puts your cardiovascular system under enormous strain, which can result in serious health problems, even death. High blood pressure is often responsible for heart attacks, strokes, and aneurysms.

When you suffer from high blood pressure, the capilliaries in your body can be easily damaged because of the pressure, meaning organs such as the eye and kidneys can be easily damaged.

How to tell if you have high blood pressure

There is only one way to be certain. Get it measured.

You can go to your doctor, or get a home blood pressure monitor and measure it yourself. Because of a syndrome called White Coat Syndrome, I personally prefer to measure mine myself.

There are various drugs and medications for high blood pressure treatment, though these can often have undesirable side-effects.

There are also natural ways you can reduce your blood pressure as well, including changing your diet, increasing exercise, giving up smoking and losing weight. In fact, I personally reduced my blood pressure to normal using a combination of these “natural methods”. You should also be aware that changes to your exercise and diet can be responsible for more than just lowering your blood pressure. Being more careful with the food you eat and doing a little more exercise can help reduce factors such as stress, heart disease, cholesterol, arthritis and prevent onset of diabetes.

Don't risk being the next victim of the silent killer.

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