Holistic Home Fitness is my personal journey of discovery into mainstream whole body fitness as well as alternative therapies for treating illness.

You'll find information on nutrition, alternative therapies, exercise equipment and a whole lot more.

At the time of writing this I am in my mid 40s.  Until I hit the big 40, my health had always been very good, with no major illnesses.  However, with increasing demands at work, a growing family and the stresses and strains of working the rat race, my health had deteriorated to such a point, that aged 40, I felt like 60!

My weight had ballooned to 115Kg, 25Kg more than I was when I got married 5 or so years earlier.  My physical activity had ground to a halt after being something of a fitness fanatic in my 20s.  I had high blood pressure, excruciating lower back pains, knees that gave way when I walked and high cholesterol to boot.

Over the last 5 years, I have slowly taken control of my health again, losing weight, getting back in shape, and eating healthily and drinking less booze.  I now feel closer to my true age, maybe even younger.

My approach has been what I would call “holistic”.

Holistic actually means “relating to the complete person, physically and psychologically, in the treatment of a disease”.

The idea of Holistic Home Fitness, is simple.

Holistic – Body, mind & soul
Home – Do it at home
Fitness – Get healthy & fit

While I will cover the obvious (home fitness equipment, nutritional supplements etc), I want to explore the world of traditional and alternative therapies in the treatment of illnesses of the body & mind.

Many of these topics will be new to me, but think of this site as my own personal notebook on my discoveries.  A notebook that is open to everyone, and everyone can contribute.

Your contribution:
If you read an article on this site, please feel free to add your own comments at the end of the article.  Also, if you would like to recommend a therapy for me to investigate, please contact me using the contact form (there is a link at the top of every page).